Mastering Complexity: How to Complete an MGRA Project in Record Time with Skill and Expertise

Focus is the name of the game for this complex Machine Guarding Risk Assessment (MGRA) project our team performed recently at a large paper mill company.   With more than 1,000 individual pieces of equipment - pumps, motors, agitators, conveyors, shop equipment and paper, our team collaborated and focused to provide a quality deliverable to our client in just one weeks’ time!

Each assessment identified potential hazards and an initial risk ranking (based on the severity of injury, the likelihood of occurrence, and the effectiveness of current controls) along with customized recommendations to bring the equipment into compliance and reduce the risk for injury. Additionally, a post-recommendation risk ranking was provided to show the degree of improvement for each hazard identified.  Finally, a photo of the equipment and associated hazards were included with each assessment.

Conducting such an extensive assessment in a limited time required close communication and collaboration with the client.

“No one knows more about our clients’ practices and priorities than our clients themselves, so there is no better way to ensure we are exceeding our client’s expectations on time and within budget than through effective collaboration,” said EnSafe’s Craig Eckstein, CSP, Senior Project Director who led this effort.

The EnSafe Team streamlines the process with customized, cloud-based software accessed from mobile devices. The software offers copy/edit functions to allow for fast and efficient completion of assessments, which is especially efficient when there are many pieces of equipment to assess – a differentiator from traditional assessments.

Beyond performing the assessments, EnSafe’s H&S professionals provided the client with an Excel summary sheet easily sorted by risk ranking. This is an invaluable deliverable that helps clients prioritize risks and determine where they should start when they plan and budget for equipment upgrades.

Machine Guarding Risk Assessments are just one of many components that EnSafe performs as part of our Risk Assessment Service Line. Additionally, we offer these additional services performed using mobile devices and custom software:

  • Energy Control Procedure (ECP) Development
  • Confined Space Hazard Assessments (CSHA)
  • Job Hazard Analyses (JHA)
  • Fall Hazard Assessments

EnSafe’s risk assessment tools enable team members to quickly, accurately, and efficiently complete assessments in any work environment, providing customized solutions for each client.

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