Phase II Environmental Site Assessment: What to Expect

If you suspect a property has contamination, a Phase II ESA is one of your best options for identifying potential liability and future cleanup costs prior to purchase. What is a Phase II ESA? A Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is typically the second step in the environmental due diligence process and usually succeeds […]

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Process Safety Management 101: 4 Must-Dos to Protect Against Catastrophic Release

What’s the best way to have peace of mind that your facility is protected against an unplanned release of chemicals that could trigger an environmental, personnel or business catastrophe?  We have four suggestions. Our suggestions are based on the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) process safety management (PSM) standard, which outlines fourteen interrelated elements […]

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Vapor Intrusion

How to Assess Potential Vapor Intrusion Threats

(Part 2 of a 3-Part Series) As we learned in Part 1, vapor intrusion (VI) is the migration of chemical vapors into a building from its subsurface (beneath its foundation). The vapors may originate from contamination within soil, groundwater, or other sources (for example, petroleum free product around a nearby underground storage tank).  Identification of […]

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Does the NESHAP 6X Rule Apply to Your Facility?

EPA’s June 2020 guidance suggests that the agency is now casting a broader net in terms of which facilities are potentially subject to the rule. Even if your facility has previously been determined to NOT be subject to NESHAP 6X, it’s possible the rule may actually apply. How? We’ll explain. First off, what’s NESHAP 6X, […]

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