Occupational Noise Exposure: Key Provisions of OSHA’s Noise Standard

Many of us have experienced temporary hearing loss (known as a temporary threshold shift) from very loud impact noises such as from firecrackers or shooting firearms, and from occasional loud exposures during concerts or sporting events.  Our hearing typically recovers in a few days from these types of exposures. But did you know that elevated […]

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Does the NESHAP 6X Rule Apply to Your Facility?

EPA’s June 2020 guidance suggests that the agency is now casting a broader net in terms of which facilities are potentially subject to the rule. Even if your facility has previously been determined to NOT be subject to NESHAP 6X, it’s possible the rule may actually apply. How? We’ll explain. First off, what’s NESHAP 6X, […]

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Announcing our 2021 Client Education Series

Spring is just around the corner. And so is our 2021 Client Education Series. Once again, we’re holding our complimentary workshops virtually so that anyone anywhere can benefit from guidance on a wide range of important topics – from hazmat training to measuring your business’ carbon footprint. Interested in registering for one of our complimentary […]

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Vapor Intrusion

What is vapor intrusion, and should my property be assessed for it?

(Part 1 of a 3-Part Series) What is vapor intrusion? Vapor intrusion (VI) is the migration of vapor-forming chemicals from any subsurface contamination into an overlying enclosed space that can pose a threat to indoor air quality. Vapor-forming chemicals may originate from contaminated soil, groundwater, sewer, or other sources. These sources of contamination may be […]

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Upcoming Workshops on Risk Management and PFAS Sampling Design

Ric Federico, PG, Associate Principal EnSafe’s Associate Principal Ric Federico, PG, will be at the 19th Annual Kentucky Environmental Conference March 25-26 to deliver insights on both an approach to comprehensive risk management as well as a practicioner’s guide to PFAS sampling design. From Commodity Product to Proactive Risk Management: Exploring the Continuum of Environmental […]

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