The exciting part of working at EnSafe is making your career what you want it to be. We are nimble and I love that about the job – that it’s always changing. Every day’s different.

Amy Spann, PE, CHMM

Amy Spann

Associate Principal

The possibilities are endless when it comes to what this company can become because of our people. It goes back to the freedom that we exercise and encourage. It's the environment of collaboration and support that people really enjoy. Because we're employee-owned, our staff understand and recognize how free it is to practice the profession that they have chosen and because of that it positions us well for our future.

Don Bradford

Don Bradford

President and CEO

From day one, EnSafe has encouraged me to pursue those skills and projects that I’m most passionate about. I’ve grown and strengthened my career path here more than anywhere.  It helps that I work with such great people, within a team who values my contributions.

Jenny Pruitt

Jenny Pruitt

Creative Design Manager

When the Corvette museum sinkhole collapse happened, they called us. A nationally publicized job that we got to be on the front lines of, take soil samples from the hole, and make sure that the air was okay to breathe for all the remediation workers that were actually working to fill that in. That was a highlight job for sure!

Adam Wanta

Adam Wanta


We pride ourselves on being a very project focused company… We don't have a step-wise hierarchy. I think that empowers our people, it empowers our project managers to run the job in the way that they know how to do, they know best, they're the ones interacting with the client, they're the ones interacting with the regulators.

Jeff James

Jeff James


EnSafe is a great place to land and encourages you to “run your business.”  EnSafe’s commitment to mentorship provides a substantial base from which to effectively build upon your expertise.

Susan Reschreiter

Susan Reschreiter

Administrative Assistant Specialist

On beginning with EnSafe: "I had some really great supervisors, mentors, and staff who made it really easy. They were really open and said 'If you have any questions please come and ask us.' They knew how intimidating it can be when you walk into this campus. ... People were just great."

Griffin Heard

Griffin Heard

Environmental Scientist/Geologist

Choosing the right path can be a challenge. Depending on where you are in your career journey, different things are important to you. EnSafe offers freedom to adjust your path as career objectives change.


Work days at EnSafe pass quickly with challenging work that stimulates creativity - essential to EnSafe's fundamental philosophy of finding new and better ways to serve our clients' needs, whether they involve environmental, engineering, health and safety, or technology.


Wellness is important to us.  That's why our Wellness Committee initiatives help encourage a healthy lifestyle. For example, our employees have access to a free online health assessment tool, as well as many tools and apps to track and manage health.


EnSafe fosters an entrepreneurial spirit and nurtures the desire to achieve. We search for ways to help our people grow and reach new career objectives. For example, our employees create their own personalized Talent Card that helps identify opportunities of interest.


A career path at EnSafe is not rigidly prearranged but instead offers employees the opportunity to carve out their own direction, follow their interests and desires, and launch new initiatives to serve clients.


We're making a difference here at EnSafe. Our business revolves around environmental, health, and safety consulting, because we're truly committed to protecting people and our communities.

Working at EnSafe