Mike Palmer Named as Board Member of Tennessee OSHA Review Commission

EnSafe’s Mike Palmer is often heard quipping with staff, “We’re not done yet!” as we recounted in our January 2020 Passing the Torch article.

That’s true of Mike still, in his revised role as a senior mentor at EnSafe, and now, as a newly appointed Board Member of the Tennessee Occupational Safety and Health (TOSHA) Review Commission.

Mike sits on the TOSHA Review Commission with two other members, Chairperson J. Russell Farrar of Nashville and Cari Parker of Kingsport.

As part of the TOSHA Review Commission, Mike will hear appeals by parties who disagree with citations and penalties issued by TOSHA. The Commission hears these contested cases and decides whether to uphold citations and penalties, modify them or dismiss them. Hearings are held by the Commission at which testimony and evidence are gathered in order for the Commission to make a decision.

“Being nominated and appointed to this commission is a great honor,” says Mike, “but more meaningful is the opportunity for me to give back to my profession that has given so much to me over the past 40 years”.

What an accomplishment, Mike! And how fortunate Tennessee is to have you adjudicating TOSHA contested cases, helping to make Tennessee a more prosperous and safer place to live and work.

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