Navigating EPA’s RMP Rule: Safer Communities by Chemical Accident Prevention

On March 11, 2024, additional requirements were finalized for companies that manufacture, distribute, process, or use chemicals regulated under the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Risk Management Program (RMP). These amendments to the RMP Rule, known as the Safer Communities by Chemical Accident Prevention Rule, became effective on May 10, 2024, with several requirements extended through 2026 -2028.

The key updates in the amendments include:

  • Requiring facilities to perform a Safer Technologies and Alternatives Analysis in their Process Safety Analyses (PHAs) and implement reliable safeguard measures for certain facilities in industry sectors with high accident rates.
  • Requiring third-party compliance audits and root cause analysis incident investigations for facilities with an RMP accident.
  • Emphasizing the requirement to evaluate risks in their PHAs for natural hazards and climate change, including any associated power losses.

Contact EnSafe today to assist you in navigating these new compliance obligations, such as conducting root cause incident investigations, performing third-party compliance audits, implementing a Safer Technologies and Alternative Analysis in your PHAs, or simply assisting you in revising or updating your RMP Plan submittals.



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