EnSafe’s Tom Deck Elected Chair of Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board

EnSafe’s Tom Deck, an Associate Principal and Senior Project Manager in our Jacksonville Office, has been elected as Chairman of the City of Jacksonville Environmental Protection Board. Tom will be serving as Chairman for the remaining two years of his final four-year term.

“I am truly honored, and excited to serve as the Chairman of the City of Jacksonville's Environmental Protection Board,” Tom said. “It is a privilege to be selected to lead this amazing group of professionals in our mission to safeguard our city's natural resources and ensure a greener, healthier future for our community.”

The Environmental Protection Board plays an important role in regulation development to enforce Jacksonville’s environmental laws and serves as an arbitrator and sounding board for all environmental issues within the city. The Board oversees multiple facets of local environmental regulations, including conducting tests and surveys, creating reports, and making recommendations for environmental improvements.

One of Tom’s key goals in this new role is to increase outreach and engagement from the local community and youth to foster investment in the local environment.

"Of the Board's many focus areas, one of its primary objectives is the promotion of environmental education,” Tom explained. “I hope to collaborate with my fellow members and City staff to further bridge the gap between our community and our environment.  By doing so, we can foster not only investment in our city's environment but also a deep-rooted commitment to protecting our natural resources.”

With Tom now serving as Chairman, Adam Hoyles, a Wildlife Ecologist at SWCA Environmental Consultants, has been elected to Vice Chairman of the Board.

Adam said, “Tom has been serving as the Vice-Chair for the past two years and it is an honor to take his place while he leads as the new Chair.  We now have two environmental professionals leading the EBP at a critical time for Jacksonville."

EnSafe is proud of Tom for taking on this important leadership role and investing in the environmental health of his local community.


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