Part 2 of 3: Should You Purchase Credits from a Mitigation Bank or In-Lieu Fee Program?

Top 4 Purchasing Benefits If your project’s plan to avoid and reduce adverse impacts to water resources isn’t enough and impacts are unavoidable and above regulatory pre-set thresholds – you will be responsible for compensatory mitigation.  In other words, you must compensate for the form and amount of impact the Corps or other regulatory agency […]

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Part 3 of 3: What to Do If Permittee-Responsible Mitigation is Your Only Route

A plain language explanation of the PRM process When your project’s impacts to water resources are unavoidable and above regulatory pre-set thresholds, you are responsible for compensatory mitigation.  We reviewed in Part 1 how to navigate the process, and in Part 2 why purchasing mitigation bank or in-lieu fee program credits are the Corps’ preferred methods. There […]

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What’s Your Compliance Paradigm

Two important questions to stay on target with compliance Ric Federico and Adam Wanta have seen first-hand how easy it is to get distracted by slick new tools (platforms, apps, software, etc.) when it comes to underground storage tank (UST) compliance, and that distraction can cause you to lose sight of the most fundamental step […]

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