EnSafe Senior EHS Regulatory Specialist Speaks at APGA’s Environmental Roadmap Webinar

EnSafe’s  Brooke Sinclair CHMM, CSP, spoke at the American Public Gas Association’s May 30 Environmental Roadmap Webinar, which offered guidance on internal utility conversations and possible sustainability actions recommended for APGA members.

Brooke spoke with APGA members about the recently developed Environmental Roadmap, which is an APGA-sponsored project through the Direct Use Task Group. The Environmental Roadmap and its associated documents were developed to consolidate and provide guidance for environmental stewardship best practices applicable to public natural gas utilities. The Environmental Roadmap is a simple and quick benchmarking tool to understand the many environmental activities your utility is already performing as well as provide practical ideas for your next steps.

Brooke joined EnSafe at the start of the year and has been managing key accounts and providing technical support to utilities. As the National Market Sector Lead for Utilities, Brooke's 20 years of utility experience has brought invaluable insight and expertise to EnSafe’s already strong utilities solutions group.

For APGA members interested in accessing the webinar recording, please click here* to do so.

*Be sure to log in to your account before clicking the link. If the link does not work, simply search “webinar” in the search bar at the APGA website and click “Webinar Recording (May 30 Enviro Roadmap GMT20230530-180030_Recording_1920x1080 (edit).mp4) from the search results.
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