Choosing the right path can be a challenge. Depending upon where you are in your career journey, different things are important to you. At EnSafe you have the freedom to adjust those important things as your life changes.  A career path at EnSafe is not rigidly prearranged but instead offers employees the opportunity to carve out their own direction, follow their interests and desires, and launch new initiatives to serve clients.

The foundation of the career path at EnSafe is freedom: freedom to do, freedom to achieve...
Phil Coop, Founder and Chairman of the Board

Work days at EnSafe pass quickly with challenging work that stimulates creativity -- essential to EnSafe's fundamental philosophy of finding new and better ways to serve our clients' needs, whether they involve environmental, engineering, health and safety, or technology.

The unique atmosphere at EnSafe fosters entrepreneurial spirit and nurtures the desire to achieve. Check out our current opportunities, review our advantages, learn about others at your same career stage and see if EnSafe could be your new home!