Health & Safety Training

EnSafe's professional trainers have more than 50 years’ combined, professional experience developing and conducting customized safety and health training programs. Rather than use generic training that only meets minimum regulatory requirements, EnSafe's trainers' approach is to determine each client's needs and objectives and customize materials specific to your concerns and issues.  Customized training materials provide students with familiar environments to apply the material presented in the course.  Our trainers are personable, energetic and recognized as leaders in their respective fields of expertise.

Before we train your personnel, EnSafe's safety professionals review prior training received by the client, material safety data sheets, process technology, facility layout, and existing company standard operating procedures. We use this information to modify our basic courses so they closely mirror the materials, equipment, and conditions the student will encounter in his or her workplace.

EnSafe makes extensive use of tabletop exercises to provide immediate feedback of presented material, as well as field-oriented practical exercise drills designed to simulate actual workplace conditions and situations.

The end result is a safety training experience that is informative, applicable, entertaining, and most important, effective for our clients.