Decontamination / Decommissioning

EnSafe’s facility decommissioning services encompass a broad range of technical and management capabilities including engineering, environmental, safety, regulatory compliance, risk management, and construction. Our clients look to EnSafe to provide turn-key or specific specialties when they partially or fully close one or multiple commercial and industrial facilities.

Alternative Analysis and Facility End Use

Keep the End in Mind: The driving goal for decommissioning is to maximize the value of assets while reducing or eliminating hazards and liabilities at properties whose uses will change.

Our planning and alternative analysis support considers:

  • Business goals
  • Baseline Environmental Site Assessment and / or Pre-Work Assessment
  • Potential alternatives identification
  • Cost analysis
  • Risk analysis
  • Decision matrix
  • Alternative selection


Ultimately EnSafe's goal is to support our clients in selecting the alternative that provides the greatest value while reducing long-term liabilities and risk.

Alternatives may include:

  • Retain for adaptive reuse
  • Retain for future use (Mothball)
  • Sell equipment, structures, and land
  • Sell structures and land
  • Sell land only
  • Retain for long-term liabilities

EnSafe has proven capabilities in providing cost-effective D&D services. Our experience across the U.S. ranges from small structures incidental to excavation projects to entire automotive part-plating systems, and chemical plant tank farms and piping.