Water / Wastewater

EnSafe designs and builds infrastructure and treatment systems for water and wastewater collection, treatment (with residuals management as needed), discharge, and impact evaluations. Our services cover almost all aspects of water management, including:

  • Identification and characterization of waste streams
  • Development of waste reduction, recycle, reuse, or waste exchange options to minimize final wastewater volume
  • Segregation of process and non process wastewaters
  • Mass balance of water use and discharge to sewers
  • Review of federal/state pretreatment standards for municipal sewer systems or effluent discharge standards for surface waters or storm sewers
  • Permit application submittal and negotiation with appropriate local, state and federal agencies
  • Development of baseline flow and water quality monitoring of potential receiving streams
  • Implementation of physical, chemical, and/or biological treatability studies to establish cost-effective treatment methods such as bench- and/or pilot-scale studies
  • Characterization of effluent and sludge from treatment processes
  • Development of sludge handling programs, possibly entailing hazardous waste management practices
  • Design of treatment facilities, collection systems, pumping stations, etc., and on-site construction coordination
  • Start-up of treatment facilities
  • Adaptation of treatment design with production plant process changes
  • Compliance monitoring to ensure continued compliance with discharge standards
  • Computer modeling of the stream impacts from point and non-point sources of wastewater
  • Development of wastewater facility plans
  • Sewer system evaluation surveys to identify problems with infiltration and inflow in sewer systems and design and construction inspection of sewer rehabilitation projects
  • Toxic organic management planning
  • Toxicity testing of effluent using both laboratory and in situ procedures
  • Toxicity reduction evaluation utilizing biological assay data as a diagnostic tool
  • Industrial pretreatment program development and assistance

Municipal Services

EnSafe has significant experience in the permitting, design, and operation of wastewater and water treatment, collection alternatives, and drinking water distribution and storage systems for a variety of municipalities, development districts, industries, and environmental situations, including the following representative projects.

Design of Municipal Wastewater Collection and Treatment Facilities

  • Sewer Rehabilitation, Fayetteville, Tennessee
  • Solar Lagoon Mixer, Publicly Owned Treatment Works Lagoon, Henderson, Tennessee
  • Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP), Millington and Naval Air Station, Mid-South, Tennessee
  • WWTP Improvements, Fayetteville, Tennessee
  • Sewer Rehabilitation, Portland, Tennessee
  • Sewer Rehabilitation Projects, Russellville, Kentucky
  • WWTP Improvements and Sewer Rehabilitation, Wartrace, Tennessee
  • WWTP Improvements, Bristol, Tennessee, and Bristol, Virginia
  • WWTP Improvements, Portland, Tennessee

Design of Municipal Water Treatment, Storage and Distribution Facilities

  • Two, 2-million-gallon-per-day Water Storage Tanks, Johnson City, Tennessee
  • Water Transmission Mains, Johnson City, Tennessee
  • Water Lines Extension, Niota, Tennessee
  • Water Treatment and Raw Intake Improvements, Fayetteville, Tennessee
  • Cleaning and Waterproofing Water Facilities, Fayetteville, Tennessee
  • Water Treatment Plant Improvements and Storage Facilities, Fort Pillow, Tennessee
  • Teal Hollow Springs Water Filtration Improvements, Fayetteville, Tennessee
  • Water System Improvements, Russellville, Kentucky

Construction Administration

  • Sewer System Rehabilitation Projects, Fayetteville, Tennessee
  • Water Plant and Raw Intake Improvements, Fayetteville, Tennessee
  • Sewer System Rehabilitation Projects, Portland, Tennessee
  • Combined Sewer Separation, Bristol, Tennessee
  • Water Transmission Main (36- and 24-inch diameter), Bristol, Tennessee
  • Water Storage Tanks and Water Mains, Johnson City, Tennessee
  • WWTP Improvements, Portland, Tennessee
  • WWTP Improvements, Sewer System Rehabilitation Project, New Interceptor Sewer, Wartrace, Tennessee

Industrial Wastewater Treatment

When discharge compliance is insufficient to meet sustainability goals, EnSafe can help. We meld knowledge of fundamental industrial processes with traditional end-of-pipe and advanced treatment technologies, looking for water reuse opportunities where this limited resource should be conserved, and at a reasonable cost (in terms of process and energy):

  • Advanced Separation Technologies
  • Energy-Efficient Approaches
  • Waste Stream Characterization & Minimization
  • Process Troubleshooting & Optimization
  • Permit Compliance Monitoring, Consultation, & Negotiation
  • Conceptual & Construction Design
  • Design-Bid or Design-Build Project Delivery

Contract Operations