Landfill Design / Solid Waste

As a leading specialist in solid and hazardous waste management, EnSafe provides a diverse array of solid and hazardous waste consulting and engineering services to a broad client base. EnSafe has designed and permitted more than 40 disposal facilities, including demolition landfills, sanitary landfills, and secure landfills that serve as repositories for hazardous and radioactive wastes. Sanitary landfill services have been provided for both private operating companies and government entities. A solid reputation among the regulatory agencies, environmental organizations, and clients has benefited EnSafe in dealing with the difficult task of effective solid and hazardous waste management, planning, and permitting.

Major environmental considerations must be taken into account when designing effective solid waste management programs. Solid waste disposal issues are heavily scrutinized nationwide. EnSafe is experienced in interpreting and applying solid waste regulations, and stays informed of proposed changes to the regulations and their impact on the regulated community. Likewise, awareness of current technological advances and new alternatives in waste disposal is a high priority at EnSafe.

As part of the design services, EnSafe provides groundwater assessment services to identify the potential for groundwater contamination, evaluation and remediation of known groundwater contamination, and implementation of controls that can prevent or minimize future groundwater contamination. Groundwater work is often provided in conjunction with other EnSafe environmental services.

Solid Waste Management Solutions

  • Design and permitting of solid waste disposal sites including conventional landfill, balefill, demolition landfill, industrial hazardous waste, and ash disposal
  • Identification and feasibility analysis of potential solid waste disposal sites
  • Geologic and hydrogeologic suitability assessment for proposed solid waste disposal sites
  • Characterization of the groundwater regime through aquifer testing and data interpretation
  • Groundwater monitoring programs
  • Soil testing; well installation, sampling and analysis of groundwater, surface water, and air; geophysical investigation; and site mapping
  • Solid waste minimization, recycling, and reuse and exchange programs
  • Identification, characterization, and quantification of solid waste streams
  • Determination of hazardous vs. non-hazardous waste status
  • Gas collection, treatment and disposal
  • Landfill closure design, bidding, and construction services
  • Leachate collection, treatment and disposal

Landfill Permitting

Nearly all solid waste landfill projects involve permitting issues at some level. Through EnSafe’s varied experience, we have assisted clients with these permitting issues:

  • Permit applications for new landfill siting involving landfills of various types, demolition, sanitary, industrial, and special
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) studies
  • Wetland determinations and mitigation design
  • Permit expansion/modification applications and negotiations
  • Permit non-compliance or enforcement coordination and negotiation
  • Environmental impact evaluations
  • Permit closure documentation and negotiation
  • Landfill air pollution permitting

Additionally, with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's New Source Performance Standard (NSPS) for gaseous emissions to the atmosphere from solid waste disposal facilities, landfills are subject to additional regulations. All landfills are required to investigate emissions using a tiered approach beginning with simple calculations potentially culminating in extensive landfill emissions testing. EnSafe possesses a unique blend of expertise capable of providing compliance solutions fully accommodating the demands of both solid waste and air pollution regulations.

Landfill Technical Operations

Concerning technical operations services for landfills, EnSafe has provided a variety of services including:

  • Development of new cells including quality assurance of liner installation and compliance with design slopes, etc.
  • Annual check on fill elevations and calculations of remaining air-space
  • Operations Plans providing general guidelines for landfill operations
  • Determination of hazardous vs. non-hazardous status
  • Waste minimization, recycle, and reuse/exchange programs
  • Establishment of a “Contingency Plan” defining specific response measures to expeditiously mitigate hazards during a hazardous waste emergency
  • Development of a Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure (SPCC) plan for responses to spills of hazardous materials and substances
  • Annual reporting to the regulatory agencies
  • Assistance with erosion control best management practices
  • Gas monitoring and record-keeping
  • Groundwater monitoring and record-keeping
  • Leachate management
  • Odor control / management
  • Alternative cover material evaluation
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration compliance and training
  • Waste material evaluation and profile for disposal
  • Contaminated groundwater investigation and monitoring
  • Assisting owner with solicitation and evaluation of contract operators

Landfill Financial Operations

EnSafe provides financial operations services including:

  • Annual summary of budget for reporting to regulatory agencies
  • Assistance with financial assurance documentation including bonding
  • Evaluation of landfill fees
  • Evaluation of contract operations proposals and performance