Environmental Services for Forest Products Company

EnSafe provides a wide array of compliance, engineering, and investigation and remediation services to a forest products company that have involved money-saving innovations. EnSafe’s initial engagement involved a remediation site where we provided project direction, technical innovation, cost control, and, most importantly, vision to move a project mired in regulatory and legal conflict toward closure.

Work has been performed in Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Louisiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, and Canada.

EnSafe designed a system that treats wastewater at a unit cost of $.005 to $.007 per gallon, rather than the former system’s cost of $0.035 to $0.040 per gallon.

An EnSafe study determined that a government-mandated remedy for site contamination would be ineffective. This timely finding saved the client up to $10 million by preventing the installation of a full‑scale bioremediation system. Regulatory acceptance of the interim remedial action as the final remedy represented millions in remediation cost-savings.

As an alternative to a permit-specified landfill cover, EnSafe designed an evapotranspiration cap comprising a layer of wood ash by-product produced by the plant, overlain by a vegetative topsoil layer. The initial closure phase, involving one-quarter of the landfill surface, was constructed using wood ash exhumed from the landfill (creating future landfill volume). As the remainder of the landfill is closed, wood ash will be used as it is generated. The alternative evapotranspiration cover system resulted in a cost-savings of approximately $17 million.

Industrial hygiene services are provided under a separate contract.

Services Provided

  • Investigation
  • Remediation
  • Air prmitting
  • Due diligence
  • Landfill engineering
  • Decontamination/demolition
  • Storm water compliance
  • Wastewater compliance and engineering
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Engineering design