Brownfield Redevelopment for Recycling Site

EnSafe was the prime consultant for revitalizing a Nashville, Tennessee, site, providing expertise in the wide range of environmental and traditional engineering services needed to convert an industrial Brownfield site for an environmentally beneficial reuse. In essence, EnSafe recycled the contaminated site so paper goods and metals could be recycled there. The site, occupied for almost 100 years by a fertilizer manufacturer, was impacted with lead and arsenic from historical operations.

The project received the Grand Environmental Award in the 2008 American Council of Engineering Companies of Tennessee's Engineering Excellence competition.

To solve a unique storm water issue at the site, EnSafe used the two treatment systems in tandem, yielding the following benefits:

  • The swirl device separates oil from scrap vehicles; separates solids at a site covered with more than 6 acres of pavement and receives soil and other sediment from the haul trucks and scrap vehicles arriving onsite daily; and provides for convenient removal and disposal of the oil, floatables, and sediment.
  • The water quality pond component serves as a secondary sediment-capture device that not only removes contaminants but also provides peak storm water flow-reduction.


Services Provided

  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
  • Investigating and delineating areas of environmental concern
  • Negotiating Voluntary Agreement with the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation’s Division of Remediation
  • Designing site layout, grading, and storm water drainage components
  • Preparing and submitting air pollution control permits
  • Preparing and submitting storm water permits
  • Designing storm water treatment units