Award-Winning Perchlorate Remediation

EnSafe developed award-winning in situ techniques for perchlorate remediation, resulting in significant cost-savings for the U.S. Navy. Innovative anaerobic landfarming of onsite perchlorate-contaminated soil using soil treatment cells lowered remediation costs by $3.2 million when compared to the cost of excavation and offsite disposal.

In three years, EnSafe mitigated offsite perchlorate migration by rapidly and effectively developing perchlorate treatment technologies from conception through bench- and pilot-scale testing to full-scale implementation.

EnSafe helped Naval Weapons Industrial Reserve Plant (NWIRP) McGregor become the first Navy facility to receive a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency “Ready for Reuse” determination.

This worked earned the Grand Iris Award in the American Council of Engineering Companies of Tennessee’s 2000 Engineering Excellence competition as well as two Secretary of the Navy team awards for environmental restoration (2000 and 2006).

Because of compressed time schedules, “seamless interaction” was needed between EnSafe’s conceptual design team and the design-build contractor. Since bench-scale studies were ongoing as construction began, EnSafe coordinated design and construction modifications with the design-build contractor to incorporate new cost-saving technology into the project as this technology developed.

Services Provided

  • Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Facility Investigation
  • Community relations/Restoration Advisory Board support
  • Engineering design of innovative and cost-saving remediation system
  • Part B permitting
  • Environmental Baseline Survey
  • Terrestrial survey
  • Lake study
  • Threatened and endangered species survey
  • Geophysical investigation
  • Risk Assessment